Client Testimonials

Divorce Testimonial: 

"Mr. Florian Tabaku Esq. represented me in appeal in the Court of Special Appeals in Annapolis, Maryland.  
This was a lot of work which required him to pretty much write a book work of his own after reading the book work of the appealing party first.  

I am so glad I was able to leave it all up to Mr. Tabaku, Esquire.  The opponent in the lower court was very bothered that the earlier ruling of the Montgomery County court did not go at all as he had wanted.  Therefore he filed an appeal.  
Mr. Tabaku Esq. handled it all for me.  I did not have to be involved.  Emotionally, I really wouldn't have handled that well after such a long legal battle in lower court already.  The other party tried to stonewall every step of that lower court's process and it became even more difficult and complex - yet victorious for us (Also thanks to the work of Mr. Tabaku and his law partner Mr. Triantis).
The waiting game after the appeal's hearing was still a test on my nerves though.  But ...  The higher court confirmed the opinion of the lower court.  

Thank you so much again Florian!  
I almost feel like thanking the judges, I am so relieved.  But that would be inappropriate.  It is re-assuring and inspiring though to know that, may it materialize slowly: justice does exist in Maryland.  Well, at least with a good and honest lawyer by your side.  And good and honest lawyers do exist, I have discovered.
Mr. Tabaku is the one who provided the judges with all the needed information and represented me.   I never had to utter or write a word."

Protective Order and Divorce Testimonial:

Great lawyer and very caring. Defended me on 2 restraining orders. Always had strategy in my divorce and most importantly thought about what would be best for my children. 

Divorce Testimonial:

Mr. Tabaku handled my divorce case last year. His knowledge of divorce law was crucial to my case and resulted in a favorable decision. I recommend him to anyone who is in need of a great divorce lawyer. 

Divorce Testimonial:

"I am thankful to have been led to Mr. Tabaku, I was stuck against a wall when I came to him. I wanted a divorce and thought it would go smoothly since I had custody already, but the other side hired a lawyer and he was doing things and filing papers I knew nothing about or how to respond. Mr. Tabaku took my case even though the hearing was not a long time away. He was a very patient man I can tell you that because I called him many times due to anxiety and fears I had but he always showed confidence in our case and that I would get my divorce and that he would fight for making sure I got what I wanted which was keeping my daughter safe and that was my number 1 priority. He proved himself an honest man, a hard worker and a true professional. In the end as he predicted things would go they did. We won the case I am finally free and I can continue protecting my daughter having the authority in my hands thank God. You have a good lawyer on your side if you choose Mr. Tabaku!"

 DUI/DWI Testimonial:
"Mr. Tabaku was able to convince a judge that I was not guilty of the DUI and DWI charges.  I was prepared to plead guilty to the charges and Mr. Tabaku convinced me that I had a good chance of being found not guilty. I'm so glad I listened to him. At trial Mr. Tabaku cross-examined the police officer and was able to reveal inconsistencies between the officer's written police report and the in-car video of my pull-over. Mr. Tabaku saved me points on my license and expensive fines. "

Auto Accident Testimonial:
"After I was involved in an bad can accident the other driver's insurance company offered me pennies to go away.  I immediately looked for a lawyer to help me and a friend suggested I call Florian.  He understood the situation I was in and what was needed to get me back to where I needed to be.  Florian demanded more money for me from the insurance company and he was able to get me much more than they originally offered.  I thank my friend for referring me to Florian and I thank Florian for doing what he did for me."